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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use discount code: DailyDiscount27 | FREE Shipping on orders above Rs.499/-
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Sudha Murty Signed Copies

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New Arrivals for Ages 0 to 3

The Mermaid - Board book
Corduroy Takes A Bow - Board book
Where’S Mog? - Board book
Who's Cute? - Board book
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New Arrivals for Ages 3 to 6

Diary Of A Spider - Paperback
Diary Of A Fly - Paperback
Erno Rubik And His Magic  - Hardback
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New Arrivals for Ages 6 to 9

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New Arrivals for Ages 9 to 12

The Superteacher Project - Paperback
James And The Giant Peach - Paperback
Mirror To Mirror - Paperback
Ocean - Paperback
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New Arrivals for Young Adults

Have You Seen This Girl - Hardback
Chain-Gang All-Stars - Paperback
This Book Won't Burn - Paperback
Blue Period Manga Box Set 1 - Paperback
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New Arrivals for Adults

The Burnout - Paperback
Technofedualism - Paperback
We Used To Live Here - Paperback
The Suspect - Paperback
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New Arrivals : Graphic Novels

Blue Period Manga Box Set 1 - Paperback
Batman Black Mirror - Hardback
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Manga New Releases

Ajin : Demi-Human : #2 - Paperback
Berserk Deluxe Volume 10 - Hardback

New Arrivals - Activity Books

Grow Your Mind : Work Smarter - Paperback
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Koolskool - Where Books Shape Reality

Books are not only sources of knowledge and fun, but they can also bring a family together. So, if you want to buy books online India for your toddler’s bedtime story sessions or get one that your kid can read aloud to you while curled up at your side on the sofa, Koolskool is here to help. ... As an emerging bookstore online India, we have an extensive catalogue of books spanning different genres for people of all ages.
Whether for family night or a quiet rainy day of solo reading, we can guarantee you'll find the book you need right here. Aside from the categories of story books online for toddlers, children, and adults, we also have graphic novels, boxed sets, activity and reference books, and books written in the native Hindi language.

Buy Books India to Inculcate the Love for Reading at a Young Age

We believe children are the future. So, here at Koolskool, we aim to provide them with the books they need to improve their reading skills and increase their knowledge. You can buy story books online for all aged kids from our vast collection.
From colourful picture books that will introduce your toddler to a magical world to a spy thriller with world-ending stakes that will hook your teenager and keep them off their phone, Koolskool has it all, making it easier for you to buy books for kids online.


Even if they can't read properly, toddlers enjoy engrossing themselves in a colourful story. They understand the words through pictures and the love with which the story is read to them. They may not know what the big bad wolf said to the third little pig, but they know that his house remained upright because of the picture in the book.
Our all-in-one catalogue includes a wide variety of board books, picture books, and pop-up books that are sure to captivate your toddler, making your online book shopping in India hassle-free.


Once kids learn to read, nothing stops them from reading the best books from India and the world. So, guide them to enter their own secret world filled with fairies, goblins, cops, and robbers by helping them select their favourite books and series available at our story book store.

Young Adult

With the growing concern of the increasing screen time in teenagers' lives, what better solution can be there than books? Good children story books online can keep them engaged for hours, helping them hone their creativity and vocabulary.
Hence, we offer various book genres from national and international authors that can boost your teen’s reading and learning skills. KoolSkool bookstore online India ensures that your child finds a book that undoubtedly interests them.

Curl Up With a Good Book from Some of Our Top Picks

Here at Koolskool, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. So, whether you're a mystery addict, enjoy a thrilling chase, or prefer reading a summer romance at the beach, this India online book store has got you covered.
Our catalogue contains the best of the best as handpicked by our curators. So, if you want to buy books for kids online, KoolSkool shall be your destination.

Graphic Novels

If your kid has been running around the house screaming the iconic Batman catchphrase with a towel tied around their shoulders, it's time to give in and buy comic books online India by ordering DC’s Batman comic from our store. You can even pick up some Avengers on the way.
Let your child get lost in the world of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead as they read about their various misadventures in the tiny town of Riverdale. Also, help them take a thrilling journey with Tintin and his loyal pet while they chase robbers and smugglers by getting the Tintin comic book collection from the best online bookstore India.

Mystery or Thrillers

With fast-paced action sequences and danger lurking at every corner, mystery and thriller children books online are not only engaging and exciting but also help kids sharpen their deduction skills.
Whether cops chase a murderer or a villain wants to take over the world, these books are hard to put down and keep your kid hooked from the first page. So, while opting for story books online shopping, never miss out on these books to enhance your child’s thinking capabilities and develop their moral character.


How many kids haven't dreamt of going on long adventures and making friends along the way? We’re sure the number is not large. With our diverse collection of adventure books, your kids can quickly go on spectacular adventures through the characters in the stories. All they'll need is a good adventure book from the KoolSkool story book shop, and their imagination will do the rest.

Historical Fiction

Through the genre of historical fiction, your child will get the chance to enjoy exciting adventures set in the past. Reading about a story set during the French Revolution will give your kid preliminary knowledge about that famous event and might even interest them to do additional research on it. So, buy story books online to combine learning with fun.

Activity Books

Children get bored very easily, and it's a struggle to find ways to keep them entertained. However, in such a case, you must opt for online book shopping in India and buy fun activity books that will surely interest your kids.
KoolSkool introduces you to an extensive collection of activity books such as crosswords, math puzzles, arts and crafts, and word searches. Also, we keep colouring, drawing, and origami books on sale for more creatively inclined kids. One of these books and a box of crayons is all your child needs to showcase their inner talents.
So, if you want to buy children's books online India, an activity book from KoolSkool is a must-have.

Hindi Books

Indian culture is rich and varied, giving rise to many authors who have decided to tell their stories in their mother tongue, Hindi. So, for those kids who have grown up speaking this native language and seek to be more fluent in it, we have created a special Hindi book range in our India online book store.
Here, you'll find short stories written in Hindi and embedded with colourful pictures. For children looking to improve their Hindi skills, we have brought activity books to help them reach their goals. Besides, you can buy comics online in the Hindi version to help your child enhance their vocabulary and writing skills in their mother tongue.

Reference Books

Knowledge is power, and our collection of reference books enables your kids to harness that power. Whether they want to learn about the human body's working mechanism or computers and coding, they’ll find all the resources they need in our reference books section.
These books will make kids fall in love with learning by introducing tricky concepts through simple language and colourful pictures. Thus, when you buy books India, getting a couple of reference books for your child is a good choice.


Learning is important, and at Koolskool, we believe in offering excellent learning resources through workbooks on different subjects. Whether Maths, English, Science or Hindi, you can get workbooks of all grades from nursery to class 10 at this story book store.

On This Occasion, Gift Your Child a Set of Story Books Online

Toys can break, but books last forever. Gifting books is considered the language of love, and Koolskool can help you discover that perfect gift.
We have the most extensive collection of children story books online. By simply using the filter and sort feature on our portal, you can find the book you’re looking for with minimal effort.
If you’re doing story books online shopping for someone whose taste in books is a mystery to you, we can help in that, too, by offering personalized book recommendations. Besides, we also offer gift cards ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 for shopping at our story book shop at ease.

Gift Exclusive Author Signed Copies of Books

If your child is a fan of a particular book series, giving them a signed copy of the book from the author is one of the most thoughtful presents for them.
Here, at Koolskool, we have these copies available on sale. So, buy books online India with authors’ signatures and surprise your child with the gift.

Books Bind Families Together

Creating stories has and always will be a labour of love. However, it isn't a new phenomenon. Years ago, families would sit together around the fire, telling stories to each other and spending nice quality time together. These tales were passed on from generation to generation; while certain things changed, others remained the same.
In the current fast-paced world, finding time to create fables for your kids on your own is difficult. However, you can still bond with your kids by reading hundreds of stories from our collection of children books online.
Your child might not remember the plot of the story you told them every night, but they will remember the way you took out time to read the book to them, the different voices you used for each character to make them more appealing, and the way you explained them the meanings of difficult words they couldn’t understand. Thus, being the best online bookstore India, KoolSkool renders families and communities bond over books and creates cherishable moments for life.
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