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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use discount code: DailyDiscount27 | FREE Shipping on orders above Rs.499/-
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We are extremely proud of delivering 5 star service for all our customers, online and in person. These kind words can be found on our Facebook page as well. 

Awesome collection. Good prices. Remarkable service. Prompt delivery. Neat and careful packaging. What more can we ask for? Thank you for delivering these priceless gems. They even called up to inform about a minuscule wear at the backside of a book before dispatching - Rajul Gala. July 20, 2020


KoolSkool has been our constant companion during the lockdown period and summer vacation. Amazing collection of titles across genres, personalised recommendations, and unbelievable delivery time within Gurgaon - cannot ask for anything better. It’s so much more satisfying when there is a well-read human at the other end of ‘You may also like...’. - Mugda Ramteke. June 23, 2020


Amith and Priyanka are very knowledgeable with the books they always choose gems of book you just wonder wish I would know about koolskool earlier, I have subscribed for their send me a story, first week of every month we will be eagerly waiting for the books to arrive, I wish to visit the bookstore in person near future... - Uma Talakad. May 17, 2020


The team at KoolSkool made it a seamless experience to order books during this lockdown time. The books were delivered within the day and both my sons were super happy ! - Emilie Hererro Dosaj. May 5, 2020 


Ordered books from Kool Skool during this lockdown phase. Their service, response time was so less that the books got delivered in less than 24 hours... bought a big smile on my kid's face when he really wanted this change... thank you team for such a prompt delivery and assistance... - Neha Walia. May 5, 2020 

It’s the best book store in Gurgaon- everything from the cosy set up, well curated collection of books and the tremendous knowledge that the owners possess is amazing.I earlier mainly visited the store for my 6 year old who is an avid reader- all the recommendations by Amit were always spot on and thoroughly enjoyed by her. She is interested in a lot of non fiction books as well which is tough to find in most of the stores but Kool skool offers an amazing selection of fiction and non fiction both for kids and has quite a range of books on many topics of interest to kids.My daughter beams with pride and excitement upon seeing her personalised book list hanging on the cash counter.Now I have become a regular customer of the store too- all the thrillers suggested by Amit are so amazing that it got me hooked to this genre.It’s an amazing place for families like us where the tradition of reading is alive and where reading is like tradition. Thank you for the amazing book store and very insightful conversations around books. - Neerja Kannan Kapoor. April 16, 2020


I have been going to Kool Skool for the last 7 years, mostly to pick books for my 2 munchkins- 7 and 3 years. I am myself an avid reader, but as I realised later, that alone doesn't qualify you to develop the same passion in your child. My son, a sports enthusiast preferred outdoors over books. I had been reading to him since he was a few months and since he saw me reading, in my mind, love for books would come naturally to him. Though he loved books and could have me read to him all the time, he was not interested in self reading. This was about 2 years back. Now, it's an altogether different story. Kool Skool and Amit really helped us in this journey. I remember the first advise Amit gave us was 'Dont make it a task' and 'Every child loves reading'. From then on- understanding his reading tastes, recommending the right books for his level/interest, a gradual upgrade to higher level books, educating me on how to indulge with my kid in conversations around books and much more schooling for me from Kool Skool. Result - I have to buy a new book for my son every week. Thanks Kool Skool and Amit !! It's rightfully called a Skool, a school driven with the sole passion to see more and more kids read. They have a great collection of books, but more importantly the relationship that they share with each book lover that visits them is unparalleled, you get much more than just books- interesting conversations around the topic of reading and books, recommendations on the right books for your taste, interesting activities for kids, storytelling sessions and much more. A must visit!! - Manika Sharma. April 14, 2020


I was struggling for a long time to get my daughter to even read 3 pages of a book and then I got her the koolskool book club membership and that was it!!! she was hooked!! now she keeps asking me when the next book is due the way koolskool picks the best books for my daughter as per her interest is fantastic. thank you so much for helping my daughter love books - Lisa Ruchi Gronvall Raheja. August 24, 2019

KoolSkool has been my favourite bookstore since I was lucky enough to stumble upon it after a morning coffee and it remains my favourite place to stumble across my next favourite book. It is not just that they curate such an amazing collection for you to browse, it’s also that the staff is so knowledgeable, they can take the favourites kids you know have and make suggestions that hit the mark so very often. Not only that but the way they organise the store makes it EASY to find what you are looking for on your own, something that has NOT been the norm in bookstores in Gurgaon in most of my experience, and while small, the store is laid out such that you can comfortably move around and browse and not feel like the walls are closing in - I love books, and being surrounded by them, but not feeling like they may topple and crush me at any moment, which is how most bookstores felt UNTIL I discovered KoolSkool. I know that maybe sometimes it’s possible to purchase a book cheaper online, but I am willing to pay that minute amount more because it is repaid HUNDRED-FOLD by the great discoveries I stumble across every time I cross the threshold into this booktopia Support them and make sure this gem, always ready to help us keep our kids reading, survives forever more - our community would be a poorer, darker, less-literate place without them Thank you always good people at KoolSkool for your thoughtful advice, intriguing conversations, and amazing recommendations and looking forward always to my next visit! - Claire Montgomery. March 8, 2019

Absolutely! The most fabulous book shop ever ! The staff is so helpful and owners are so well read and know each of their readers personally and their recommendations are always spot on!  - Vandana Sagar Ganguly. January 23, 2019

the collection, the easy to reach book shelves for children, the smiling face of the helpful staff, the browsing time... - Pallavi Srivastava. August 25, 2018

I absolutely fell in love with KOOLSKOOL within 3 minutes of entering the little book store! Its a haven for book lovers of ALL ages and curators Amit and Preeti are passionately involved in the books and authors in their store...they know each and every book they sell and are the perfect book store owners anyone could wish for! I really wish we had more like KOOLSKOOL elsewhere in India. Theyre the best! - Leela Gour Broome. August 9, 2017

Some of my most enjoyed reads once belonged on the shelves here. Big thanks to Amit for the best picks. In fact, based on Kook Skool recommendations I started reading genres that I usually avoided and I absolutely loved the books. We need this in Mumbai, please! - Dipti Ranglani Gulabani. August 8, 2017 

 Fantastic collection of children's books. And the owners are incredibly helpful with recommendations and guide you according to your child's requirement and reading level. - Kirti Mukharya Bajaj. May 10, 2017

This is an excellent store..with great collection of books!!  - Manoj Jhawar. April 30, 2017

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