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DK findout! : Science - Papaerback

DK findout! : Science - Papaerback

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A fantastic resource to teach kids everything they would want to know about the exciting world of science.

Perfect for budding scientists who want a highly visual STEM book to increase their science know-how. This introduction to science for kids is full of photographs and illustrations, fascinating facts, and engaging challenges. It's sure to inspire the next amazing science fair project.

A brilliant science book for kids containing tonnes of interesting facts about this limitless subject as well as a fantastic breakdown of what science is and why it's so important.

Did you know that there are no sounds in space? Or that rainbows appear only in the morning or late afternoon? Find out why! For any child that can't get enough of science, DKfindout! Science is packed with fun facts, quizzes and amazing photography. Follow along with key curriculum text introducing all the key topics for age 6+ readers covering everything from light and electricity, to animals and parts of the body.

This series will satisfy any child who is eager to learn and acquire facts - and keep them coming back for more. The only limit is your imagination!

Find Out About The Exciting World Of Science!

Have you ever wanted to know what lightning is? Or perhaps you'd like to know how to make a rainbow? Now you can!

DKfindout! Science is packed with surprising scientific facts and fascinating pictures. It's a small book filled with big ideas.

Inside these pages you will:
-Learn about forces, the laws of motion, simple machines, and electrical circuits
-Read about great scientists in history
-See how the water cycle works
-Discover how things like gravity and magnetism change our daily lives
-Hear from real-life expert Dr. Suze Kundu what it's like to be a materials scientist
-Fold out the cover for a science quiz and timeline
-and much, much more!

DKfindout! Science is one title in the DKfindout! series of educational books for kids, and the Silver award winner in the MadeForMums Awards 2017 children's books series category.

Kids around the world are obsessed with this gorgeous collection, so much so that a range of massive DKfindout! posters for bedroom walls are sold separately. Add to your collection and nurture your little one's interest in the world. Other titles include DKfindout! Solar SystemBirds, CastlesClimate ChangePiratesCoding, Ancient EgyptEngineeringReptiles and a whole lot more!

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