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The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes - Paperback

The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes - Paperback

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World famous detective Sherlock Holmes has four devilish mysteries to solve... and he needs your help! Budding young sleuths will love pitting their wits against some of the most cunning criminals of the Victorian age as they set to work on four cracking mysteries by working their way through Sherlock's intriguing case notes. Sally Morgan, who has written more than 20 well-loved books for children, has created an exciting and imaginative concept with these brilliant mysteries which explore Victorian England and encourage children to use their own deductive and detection skills to solve the cases. There are hours of fun and mental stimulation as you study witness statements, look for hidden clues, spot the differences to seek out the truth, and study documents that could hold vital evidence to solve the puzzling mysteries. With Watson away, Holmes has four tricky cases and he needs help to track down a kidnapper in The Pound of the Baskervilles, investigate an art theft in The Forger and the Fake, unravel a mystery in The Adventure of the Poisoned Apprentice and solve a gruesome riddle in The Adventure of the Found Finger. So don your deerstalkers, get your brains in gear and the answers could well be elementary! Source: Lancashire Evening Post

The world's most famous detective needs your help... yes, yours! Watson is away and Sherlock Holmes needs an assistant to unravel four tricky mysteries. Travel back to Victorian England with Sherlock Holmes and investigate the theft of a priceless jewel in The Cherry in the Cake, solve the mysterious death of the Earl of Monthaven in The Adventure of the Cursed Cartouche, go on a ghost hunt in The Terror of Traymar House and delve into the magic of London in The Adventure of the Vanishing Lord. This is an engrossing book that draws the reader in by offering a series of questions and clues - the evidence is there and the solutions can be worked out. With fascinating illustrations and eye-catching presentation, this is a book that will really refine those detecting skills. Source: Parents in Touch

There's a mystery to solve, and it's time for you to take on the persona of the World's Greatest Detective!
Gathering together all your brainpower, there's a huge casebook of mysteries ready for you to cast your detective eye over.

Sally Morgan's brilliant "The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes" series is a brilliant homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's peerless character.

In a kid-friendly treatment of the character, this compendium of mysteries can be solved by gathering clues throughout the book and piecing together a case.

"The Cherry in the Cake", "The Cursed Cartouche" and "The Terror of Traymar House" are three distinctly different cases that you (and the great detective) can pit your wits against.

We're always looking for folk who adapt and adopt Conan Doyle's characters in new and interesting ways, and this is one of the best treatments we've seen so far. Source: Read it Daddy

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