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The Women at Hitler's Table - Kool Skool The Bookstore

The Women at Hitler's Table

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‘Written with intelligence and nuance’ The Times

‘A disturbing, powerful and beautifully written novel based on shockingly real eventsChristy Lefteri, author of The Beekeeper of Aleppo

‘A thought-provoking read’ My Weekly

UnputdownableThe Herald

‘For anybody who enjoyed Cilka’s JourneyPhenomenal, eye-opening and heart-breaking’ Yahoo Best Books of November

Inspired by the powerful true story of Margot Wölk, this is a heartbreaking and gripping historical novel for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz and The Beekeeper of Aleppo

East Prussia, 1943. Hitler hides away in the Wolfsshanze – his hidden headquarters. The tide is turning in the war and his enemies circle ever closer.
Ten women are chosen.
Ten women to taste his food and protect him from poison.

Twenty-six-year-old Rosa has lost everything to this war. Her parents are dead. Her husband is fighting on the front line. Alone and scared, she faces the SS with nothing but the knowledge every bite might be her last.
Caught on the wrong side of history, how far is Rosa willing to go to survive?

The International Bestseller

‘I’m actually having trouble putting into words just how much I enjoyed this book and what a heartbreaking read – so many emotions and not enough words…. wow just wow Samantha, Netgalley

‘There was so much emotion in this story that I finished it with tears rolling down my face’ Angela, reviewer

‘Amazing…Incredibly powerful and emotional too’ Sally, Netgalley

‘It’s excellent…like all the best stories, simply about people and how they behave’ Anne, Netgalley

Wow! A must read for anyone with an interest in WW2’ Sarah, reviewer

‘A thought-provoking and disturbing story but one which I feel needs to be heard’ Lisa C, reviewer

Utterly captured every ounce of my concentration…I didn't want to put it down’ Netgalley reviewer

‘A fascinating story of how ordinary lives are irrevocably changed by war’ Anabelle H, reviewer

Addictive…a very unique historical story’ Emma, Netgalley

Beautiful and haunting’ Jenny, Netgalley

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