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Zayn & Zoey Explore the Rainforest - Paperback

Zayn & Zoey Explore the Rainforest - Paperback

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Zayn and Zoey are visiting the beautiful Amazon Rainforest with their aunt, Ana. As they enjoy a walk in the forest and a boat ride in the Amazon River, they learn many exciting facts about the rainforests and the life in them.
Learn various aspects about the rainforest biome.
Understand the different layers of the rainforest.
Know about the various animals found in the rainforest.
Understand the importance of rainforests.

About Zayn & Zoey

Zayn and Zoey are curious twins who are fascinated by the wonderful world we live in. They love asking questions and are always excited to learn about the things they see around them.

Mum is a pilot and is busy flying people around the globe, an Dad is a photographer who is often traveling to exotic, unexplored places to capture them on his camera. Their parents’ professions give Zayn and Zoey the opportunity to travel across the world and learn about new places and things.

The Zayn & Zoey series of books explore concepts through stories. They are put together to make factual concepts more interesting for young learners. They are also based in real life settings making the concepts relatable for children. Stories make learning the factual information enjoyable for children.

What ages are they suitable for?

The books are written to cater to young learners between the ages of 2 – 8 years but can be used for learners up till the age of 12 as well to simplify their understanding of these concepts. Younger children can be read to, while older ones should be encouraged to read on their own.

Can these books be used in schools?

These books can be used by individuals as well as schools. Schools could use them to reinforce concepts taught in class as resource books. They could also be a part of the library catalogue where students could come and explore learning on their own.

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