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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use discount code: DailyDiscount27 | FREE Shipping on orders above Rs.499/-
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Today we complete 30 days of being an online business. 30 days of working round the clock. 30 days of constantly thinking what more can be done. 30 days of being 100% positive that we will triumph. 30 days of gratitude for each and every person who supported us on our journey. 

3 months ago, the team at Kool Skool was giddy with excitement. We were expanding into a larger store. We had a theme, we had an architect, we had contractors, heck we even had graphic designers to help us realise our dream of bringing a world class bookstore to Delhi NCR. Little did we know that just a couple of weeks later, we would be forced to pull down our shutters and shelter in place. 

What happened between then and now is not important. What is important is that like all other small businesses across the world we are working towards a new normal. We are learning new ways of doing business. For Kool Skool it has been an incredible journey of growth - both personal and as an organisation. Long term patrons would know that we pride ourselves on our curation and our ability to find those beautiful pieces of literature that are sure to touch your heart. We kept our most valued recommendations for our most treasured readers. However, as the world moves steadily online we come to terms with the fact that we can no longer dart around the store picking out books for you. We no longer have the opportunity to simply ask - What was the last book you read? Did you like it? 

Today we have to rely on you being able to find what you need digitally. We have spent nights upon nights perfecting the catalog so you find what you want easily. It still is and always will be a work in progress because the world of books is so vast and so incredibly fascinating that a catalog would never suffice. 

As we move ahead we wanted to thank you for your patience and your support as we navigate these unprecedented times together. We are confident of coming out the other side much stronger and in a position to help readers across India find books to love. 



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